That is an amazing find. I have a 95 I bought with 35k, paid dearly for it - but a rust-free car in the midwest commands a good price. Your brother will love it - just try to get in as much time as you can before he learns manual. Leave it stock, and make small incremental improvements, because it's easy to get carried … » 4/13/14 12:03am Sunday 12:03am

I think the NA Miata makes a pretty good noise for a modern, cheap four-cylinder. It has a throaty exhaust that's a nice departure from the stereotypical warble of other modern four pots. I've driven a stock NC Miata, and it didn't make anywhere near as pleasing a noise as my NA, IMO. There are also some people out… » 11/30/13 1:26pm 11/30/13 1:26pm

Avoid This Car Maintenance At Your Peril

Yes, that is a Dutch LeBaron in the lead image. I have no idea what a LeBaron is doing in the Netherlands. Maybe it’s Jon Voight’s car, but I digress. There are some things you can only fix when they go wrong. Then, there are other things you can fix before they go wrong and/or end up costing you a lot more money. Cue » 11/15/13 12:51pm 11/15/13 12:51pm